International business presentation

Today several of our team members, including myself, delivered a presentation on international business relations to SAP’s Brno office.

The company was very gracious in allowing our team to visit. I hope they gained at least as much as we did. Discussion topics included business and general culture in the United States and how that compares to the Czech Republic, as well as teleconferences involving workers from multiple cultures.

Yesterday, Josh, Julian and I worked with a non-profit, Majak, to help them find a way to become a sustainable operation operated by local residents versus depending on support from America. Majak (the “j” sounds like a “y”) is operated by missionaries from America and runs a community center for sports, special events, conferences and provides flexible housing options. We provided observations and plan to follow up with the organization soon.

Tomorrow, the three of us will tour a Renault auto dealership and learn about the company’s Central Europe operations.


About to head to the Czech Republic

I’ll be heading to the Czech Republic on Thursday! This is an internship and cultural exchange with Bryan College’s MBA program. We don’t know all the details yet, but that’s part of the excitement. One student (to be determined) will work at a Renault dealership. Check this blog for further updates.

My group will leave Atlanta at 6:15 p.m. Eastern on Lufthansa and land the next morning in Frankfurt, Germany to switch planes. We arrive in Prague around 1 p.m. Eastern. The group comprises: Dr. Adina Scruggs, director of graduate programs; Janet Brock, admissions coordinator for Bryan’s Aspire program and our trip’s invaluable coordinator; my good friend and former classmate, Benton Jones; and MBA students Josh Rule and Julian Bennett.

Here are several links pertaining to the trip:

I will have my laptop and cameras, so check this blog on a regular basis starting Friday for photos and video. Please pray for us to have a safe trip and that God will use us to do His will and glorify His name.

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