Olive Garden: Cheap eats aren’t always enough

Olive Garden has conceded it needs to make changes to address lackluster sales figures for five quarters in a row.

Although the chain offers “affordable Italian food,” which should be a plus in this economy, it has been suffering from competition from fast-casual chains like Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill, Motley Fool reports.

One person says Olive Garden plays Dean Martin music and expects that to provide an Italian atmosphere, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Company officials have acknowledged the need to make changes, and plan to introduce healthier, low-cost meals, Yahoo Finance reports. Other changes will include remodeled restaurants and a new ad campaign.

I agree with what one person posted in comment boards on Yahoo Finance: Olive Garden needs to focus on the food. Americans are demanding more healthy, fresh food, not frozen. If you have good food at a reasonable price, you have most of the components in place (along with good marketing to tout these changes). I recently dined at Carrabba’s with my wife, and the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Oh, and I would ditch Dean Martin for authentic Italian music. Sorry Dean, but the Rat Pack needs a vacation.


New blog focuses on heart healthy meals

Jason’s Marketing Primer now has a sister blog: Heart Healthy Meals.

While Jason’s Marketing Primer is dedicated to marketing, leadership and other business news, Heart Healthy Meals is my effort to write about a whole new topic. The new blog is dedicated to providing readers with recipes that are low in sodium and low in saturated fat, as well as tips for living healthy. The first two blog entries are for a turkey meatloaf recipe and a how-to on reading nutrition labels for sodium content.

If you’re at all interested in eating healthy food, check out Heart Healthy Meals today.

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