“Nothin’s Impossible For A Man If He Don’t Have To Do It Hisself” !!!!

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As a “cowpoke”, I cannot remember a time when I have not walked into certain businesses, particularly barbershops and banks in our area, and hanging on the wall was the Back Forty calendar. When I see one I always read the humorous one or two line caption that most of the time bring out real life truth in a “cowpoke” way. This particular one is not from the Back Forty calendar. Ace Reid has for many years written of “cowpokes” and this is one of his similar cartoons .

In life, it does ring true, that if you have enough resources you can have accomplished about anything this world has to offer. The “cowpoke” above is picking and shoveling and toiling, while the rancher is sitting and watching the task being done. The rancher is paying the “cowpoke” to do his work for him.

Spiritually speaking, “nothin’s impossible for a man if he don’t…

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