Listen to your shoes and take a step in the right direction

Choosing the right footwear may seem like a minor thing. But it can make a big difference in how you perform at work.

You may ask how footwear relates to marketing or business management.

It’s simple. If your feet hurt, you’re going to be distracted, irritable and plenty of other unpleasant adjectives.

I have a part-time job that requires me to stand — and to do much walking. I thought I had two nice pairs of dressy work shoes. But after a month on the job, my feet “told” me I was delusional. Your body often “knows” things even when your conscious mind doesn’t. And my feet “knew” I had bad shoes.

After I started “listening” to my feet, I researched appropriate shoes and the places to buy them at a reasonable price. I bought a pair of Bostonian and a pair of Rockport shoes. I wore the Bostonians yesterday, and I could immediately tell the difference. Whereas I had been coming home from work with extremely sore feet, cramped legs and worse, yesterday my feet were slightly sore but began to feel better once I sat down. Yesterday’s work shift was much more pleasant, and I feel I was more productive. I was able to concentrate on the job, and not my sore feet.

This morning I wore my old tennis shoes, and my feet “told” me they weren’t as good as the Bostonians. I quickly changed footwear, and right now I’m wearing the Rockports. I’m feeling more creative than I have in a while (hence, I’ve broken my writer’s block and am writing this blog). Think of the implications for management and marketing. It’s amazing how changing a pair of shoes can change one’s work productivity.


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