Was that not in your job description before? It is now.

I just viewed a job posting for an editor who not only will edit and handle the traditional production tasks, but is expected to serve as a backup for the receptionist when he or she leaves on lunch break.

If I had that job, that would be fine by me. I am currently doing “extras” that I once would have disdained. But that’s OK – I am happy to have a job and I am grateful to my company for providing me a job with benefits. The only reason I will eventually leave is for personal reasons – I’m getting married to someone who lives a bit of a long distance away. Otherwise, I would expect to stay with my company long-term.

With today’s economy, you can’t afford to say “that’s not in my job description, that’s beneath me.” Companies continue to feel the squeeze and are keeping staffing levels tight. They expect – and deserve – their workers to rally around the corporate flag and do everything within reason to help them pull through. It’s not only your job that could be on the line – it could be the company’s survival.


About Jason Reynolds
I'm a reporter, blogger, husband and aspiring author. When I'm not working, spending time with the family, or reading (which is quite a bit), I enjoy cooking, traveling, photography and wrangling my family's cats and chickens.

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