E-mail marketing is so passe’

If you’re not conducting your marketing campaign via a social network site, you’re behind the times, report Nielsen and Direct Marketing.

The full report is here.

The time that consumers are using e-mail while online has dropped 28 percent, Nielsen says. It’s now the third most popular online activity, behind social networking and gaming.

An Advertising Age report also cites a Nielsen study on Facebook ads. The study looked at 14 brands and found an increase in ad recall and purchase intent when homepage ads mentioned users’ friends who became fans of the brand in the ad. The impact was even larger when the “like” showed up in a user’s news feed, in a method called organic social advocacy.

The impact on awareness and recall is even more pronounced when a home-page ad coincides with what Facebook and Nielsen term “organic” social advocacy, i.e. an item in a user’s news feed indicating a friend has become a fan of a brand.

Does this mean your company needs to rush out and create a Facebook page? No. A social network campaign should be as well planned as any other marketing campaign. Do your homework and decide on your goal, audience, and other factors. And then plant your flag on the social network sites.


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