Day 1 in the Czech Republic — Getting there is half the battle

It’s 10 p.m. Friday, local time, in Brno, Czech Republic. My MBA group is finally settling into the hotel after having dinner with our local connection, a missionary named Rick. I couldn’t get free Wi-Fi access until now, but did record a couple of moments in time during the long trip here for my first blog. Here are the moments, which are recorded as they happened in Eastern time:

5:24 a.m. Friday Eastern: Relaxing finally at the airport in Frankfurt. It’s been an adventure. A plane from India was at our gate so we had to wait for buses to pick us up outside – crammed onto the bus like sardines. Rushing through security and finding the gate at the end of the terminal. Paid the equivalent of 7 bucks for an authentic German sausage on a roll….my credit card wouldn’t run through, and the clerk didn’t seem to know how to handle a 20. So, we’re waiting to board the plane to the Czech Republic.

8:14 a.m. Eastern, Friday: Have been trying to bring up wireless Internet at the Prague airport to no avail. I can’t figure out how to use the pay phones to use my international calling card. I did use a friend’s cell to text a message to my girlfriend. I may rent/buy a European cell phone to supplement my magicJack. We’re waiting inside an airport cafe on a bus to take us to Brno.


Getting here was a crazy day. Only one person in the group (which has six people) got a decent night’s sleep on the flight across the Atlantic, in part because the temperature was so warm in the plane. Also, we were packed in like sardines, which is standard for any public transit here in Europe. Other than our having to ride a bus from the plane to the terminal in Frankfurt, Lufthansa provided excellent service.

–Jason Reynolds,

Brno, Czech Republic

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