A fast ride and hot brand (extension)

Are you achieving all you can with your brand? You may think there’s nowhere left to go with your brand, but that may not be the case. You may be able to extend your brand.

Think of Ferrari. What comes to mind when you think of that brand? Luxurious, expensive, ultimate-quality sports cars? That’s the traditional image the automaker has created with its brand. It would not make sense to create entry-level cars named Ferrari in a bid to extend the brand.

But what about a roller coaster ride?

One of the world’s premiere car brands is extending its brand to the amusement park world, according to Edmunds.com. Ferrari is opening Ferrari World later this year in Abu Dhabi. The park will have two roller coasters based on Ferrari’s cars. One of the coasters, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi GT roller coaster, will send two carriages on a race against one another. Each car is a replica of Ferrari’s F430 Spider.

Ferrari will have other attractions, including an exclusive driving school.

So again, are you doing all you can with your brand? Have you thought of extending your brand into another category? Doing so can you achieve maximum ROI.


About Jason Reynolds
I'm a reporter, blogger, husband and aspiring author. When I'm not working, spending time with the family, or reading (which is quite a bit), I enjoy cooking, traveling, photography and wrangling my family's cats and chickens.

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