Cut the Jargon

Who are you trying to reach with your writing? If it’s the general public, cut the industry jargon. Explain technical issues. The things you take for granted as a professional in your field may not make sense to the average layman. They’ll quit reading if the effort is too hard, and you may come across as condescending instead of smart.
Even if you’re communicating to others in your field, they may appreciate a break from the jargon. Writing about whatever it is in your industry shows your credentials — you don’t need the complicated words to show your expertise. Your audience will be reading enough material filled with acronyms and other insider words without your adding more.
Some people hate reading, so why not give them a pleasurable experience and cut the jargon?


About Jason Reynolds
I'm a reporter, blogger, husband and aspiring author. When I'm not working, spending time with the family, or reading (which is quite a bit), I enjoy cooking, traveling, photography and wrangling my family's cats and chickens.

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