Internship in the Czech Republic

I am traveling to Brno in the Czech Republic in April to work as an intern at a company that has as yet to be determined.

Bryan College is sending four MBA students and the program director there. Each intern will work for three days on a consulting project and present his or her report to the client. After our internship is over, we will tour Brno and Prague for a week before returning to the United States.

I’ll provide more details as they become available.


Good press releases grab attention

ATHENS, Tenn. (Feb. 17, 2010) – This blog will provide you tips on writing a press release to improve your chances of attracting a reporter’s interest.

It’s hard to attract reporters’ and editors’ interest in a story. They are busy people and are often cynical. They receive a lot of pitches for stories, and they have their own ideas for story topics. So, how do you pitch a story?

It helps if you have a newsworthy topic – something that’s new and of interest to the general public. Just because it’s interesting and important to you doesn’t mean the reporter will see it this way. That’s where a well-written press release comes in. Provide quotes by people speaking in a conversational tone – reporters hate jargon. Doing so improves the chance of reporters using the quote. Exact numbers are a help since the reporter can make a graphic or fact box.

Please don’t write an anecdotal press release. Journalists want to get right to the important information. Your press release should quickly convey the who, what, when, where, why and contact information. It should not try to be a miniature novel. Providing information is the reason you’re writing the press release.

If there’s an embargo, prominently mention that. Reporters like to quote someone in charge. If this is a regional or national subject, try to provide a local contact, because local media like to feature locals. And reporters and editors will not let you see the story before it runs – they provide themselves on editorial independence.

Introduction to Jason’s Marketing Primer

Hi. I’m Jason Reynolds. I’m a veteran reporter and business expert. My blog will focus on marketing, publicity, communicating, and in general, how to relate to others.
What are my credentials? I have worked at various media outlets for about 15 years as a reporter, editor and designer. I have written Web-based training materials for business owners and reported on business news for over six years. My undergraduate degree is in communications. I earned an MBA in January 2010 from Bryan College, which focused on international business.
Here’s my mission statement: I’ve seen a lot of people who needed help communicating their ideas to others. These ideas may involve spreading word about an upcoming event or publicizing a new business or new product. Other people may be looking for tips on relating to others in the workplace. Jason’s Marketing Primer is here to help people meet these needs.
The idea for Jason’s Marketing Primer was born after I spoke to Dave Ramsey at an event that I covered as a news reporter. Mr. Ramsey is well-known for giving great financial and business advice to people. I’d like to thank Mr. Ramsey for his advice on starting a blog that focuses on some of my strengths, which include communications, marketing, publicity and business administration.
The name for the blog came to me pretty quickly. But I checked the definition of primer because I normally thought of primers as books used by elementary students. says primers are teaching books, as well as a small book used to introduce a subject and “a short informative piece of writing.” Thank you, Merriam-Webster.
Please check this site for regular updates. My first blog will list the basics of how to write a press release. I’ve seen good and bad press releases during my career as a reporter and editor. Catching a journalist’s attention is hard, but I’ll give you some tips to improve your chances.
God Bless you.
Jason Reynolds

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